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Fleet Update #2 Available from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing posted Update #2 for A Call To Arms up on their website.

In this update:

This is another jam-packed issue with the latest news and thoughts on fleet strategy, essential for any serious admiral! In Fleet Update #2, you will find;

The Shipyard: Bringing you the Federation Light Raiding Dreadnought and the Klingon F6, both recently released as new models.
Klingons vs. Orions: A complete campaign using the contents of Squadron Box #5.
A Consitutional Timeline: A look at the Constitution-class through the years and the modifications made to it.
Fleet Doctrine: Looking at fleets from a historical point of view.
Dreadnought Variants: Early, Improved and, yes, Heavy Dreadnoughts for all the major fleets. We make no apologies to the foes of the Kzinti...
Drone Strike: Space just became a lot deadlier, with a variety of different drones and warheads now available.