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Fleet Commander - Genesis Board Game Up On Kickstarter

You know, sometimes you don't want to just be in charge of one ship. You want to be in charge of an entire fleet of ships. I mean, that's real power right there. And I'm not just talking a couple starfighters. Oh no. I'm talking the big ships. That's just the sort of thing you get in Fleet Commander, and you can be a part of it during their Kickstarter campaign.

Fleet Commander uses 50 game tiles to quickly create a board that will be unique each time you play. It also has a unique dice mechanic. The dice tell you a bit about how you can move your ships and how your shields operate, but not how much damage your attacks do. The system is designed to be fast-playing, so even though you've got several ships you're in control of (from 6 different classes of ship), gameplay should take less than an hour.

The campaign is looking to fund not only the base game, but a pair of expansions as well. They're well on their way, too, already over 50% funded with still 29 days left to go.