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Flatlined Games will be headed to Essen 2013 and is taking pre-orders for product if you're going to be there, too

Flatlined Games will be headed to Essen Spiel 2013 and is taking pre-orders for Twin Tin Robots as well as other merchandise if you'd like to pick it up while at the show.


From the announcement:

Flatlined Games will be at booth 1D139.

This year, we'll eventually be able to release Twin Tin Bots, by Philippe Keyaerts

For those of you attending the Warmup Day, we'll be doing Twin Tin Bots demos the wednesday evening before the fair opens :

Philippe Keyaerts will be on our booth 1D139 Thursday from 14.00 to 15.00 and Saturday from 13.00 to 14.00 so it'll be a good time to get an autograph :)

We will offer the game at a special fair price of €50 instead of MSRP €55, and you can preorder it right now at a special preorder price of €45!
Please note that we will only have a limited quantity of games at the fair. Preorders must be picked up before Saturday 14.00.
We will also have a limited quantity of exclusive T shirts at the fair :-)

We ask Kickstarter/Ulule backers who wish to pick up their copy at Essen to fill the preorder from on our website.
Make sure you provide the same email and username as you used to support us because this is what allows us to match your information with the kickstarter info.
We will also require a valid ID with a photo (ID, passport, driver's license) so we can make sure we do not hand over your game to some stranger.