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Flatlined Games Updates

Flatlined Games has provided some updates for the games from Essen.

From their website:

Dragon Rage updated player aid
At Flatlined Games, we want our products to be of perfect quality.
The reprint of Dragon Rage was tainted by a small typographic error on one of the player aids : the Dragon target values for the wings (4+) and legs (5+) had been inverted on the Dragon Combat Summary player aid.

We immediately made available on our website a corrected PDF, but we felt this was not enough to correct this small typo.
So, we reprinted the Dragon Combat player aid, with the english version on one side and the french version on the other. We will include that corrected player aid on all future shipments, of course.
We cannot ship the updated player aid to all existing customers of Dragon Rage, but any customer coming to our booth (4-216) at the Essen Spiel'11 fair with the 'proof of purchase' token will receive one, with our apologies.

Dragon Rage in Essen
The remaining 1000 copies of Dragon Rage will be available on our booth (4-216) at the Essen Spiel'11 fair with English, French or Spanish rules. A limited print run of 200 german copies will be available from our german partner, Brave New World (6-111).

Rumble in the House available at Essen Spiel '11 and in Belgium
We also are happy to announce that we received our shipment of 'Rumble in the House' from Ludofact. They did a great work and the components quality is very good. Rumble in the House will be available on our booth (4-216) at the Essen Spiel'11 fair. The game will also be available in Belgian shops starting Tue 14/11/11, for those not going to Essen. This first print run of 2900 copies is available in five languages : French, English, German, Dutch, and Spanish.
We will be looking for distributors at the fair so the game will hopefully be widely available shortly thereafter.