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Flatlined Games Launches Argo Kickstarter

Aliens are invading the space station Argo. It's every astronaut for themselves as they rush to get to the escape pods. Unfortunately, the a descendant of the guy that built the Titanic was put in charge of deciding how many seats to have on the escape pods, so there's not enough room for everybody. Those that are left behind face a horrible fate. Such is the story behind Argo, the new board game on Kickstarter by Flatlined Games.

In the game, players control a team of astronauts. They also control the aliens. You must try and get your astronauts onto the escape pods while using the aliens to kill off your opponent's astronauts. However, if too many astronauts are killed, all the humans lose. So it's a fine balance between beating your opponents, but not doing so much killing that everyone loses out (unless you're the type who just wants to watch the world burn).

The campaign just got underway and is set to last for another 30 days.