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Flash Gordon RPG Up On Kickstarter

Ok, I might not be able to sound like Freddy Mercury (but, honestly, who can?), but I can still dream. And in the Flash Gordon RPG, you can become part of the classic sci-fi world (I'll even come and sing the theme song for you... but you probably wont want me to). This is the official setting book using the Savage Worlds system. It's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

We announced the Savage World of Flash Gordon™ at Gen Con in 2015, and now it's here! Drawing inspiration from Alex Raymond's original strips, the serials, AND the 1980 movie starring Sam J. Jones and Max von Sydow, this is far more than just a game, this is a definitive resource for all Flash Gordon's adventures!

The campaign's well far over its funding goal, but there's only a week left to join in on the action.