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Flames of War website updated

Battlefront have updated the Flames of War website with new articles and product spotlights Articles Tropic Lightning America’s 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam The 25th Infantry Division ‘Tropic Lightning’ was one of the first American divisions to serve in Vietnam, and one of the last to leave. In nearly seven years of combat the division fought in every major battle around the South Vietnamese capital of Saigon. Their mechanised and armoured units proved invaluable in locating and destroying an elusive guerrilla foe, and defeated every major North Vietnamese offensive. European Grand Tournament Results and Winners Over the weekend of the 3-4 September, we held our first European Grand Tournament and the team in the UK wanted to pass on their thanks to all the competitors (all 98 of you!) for coming along and making it such a success. It was outstanding to see players from twelve different nations with great turnouts from Poland and Sweden! FlameCon 2011 The Iron Cross Painting Competition The Iron Cross Painting Competition is a contest separate from the Grand Tournament. It is geared toward showcasing the painting abilities of the Flames Of War community. It goes without saying that the Iron Cross competition is all about painting and modelling. Participants can bring their favourite pieces and enter them in one of the event’s categories. This week we provide the details for this exciting opportunity to show off your painting skills. Spotlights Tropic Lightning Dice Sets With the release of Tropic Lightning, we've updated the Flames Of War Vietnam range to include dice sets for the PAVN, the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmoblie) and Tropic Lightning, the 25th Infantry Division. Desert Casualty Markers With the release of Hellfire and Back we've updated the Special Order range to include casualty markers for the British 8th Army, the Italian Army and the German Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK). These casualty markers are excellent for spicing up your desert infantry teams or for creating custom pinned down markers. Beutepanzer Hatches (GSO194) The Beutepanzer Hatches have been specifically designed to convert French Early-war tanks for use in Late-war as the Beutepanzerkompanie as featured in Earth & Steel. Mule and Camel Teams Now available via Special Order are the Mule Team and the Camel and Handlers.