Flames of War website update

The Flames of War website was updated recently with several new artices.

Operation Fischfang Battle Report
We managed to corral two play testers to do a battle report using Ken’s Operation Fischfang scenario. We even managed to get a real German officer to conduct the counterattack. Unfortunately though, we had to settle for a New Zealand lawyer to lead the Americans. However, it made for an interesting game so let’s see who won.

Market Garden 65
Market Garden 65 was the year long observance of the 65th anniversary of the battle through the game of Flames Of War headed up by the 10th Cavalry game club. Market Garden 65 was made possible by the hard work of dozens of gamers around the world and supported by Battlefront.

Building An Arnhem Battlefield
When Mike Haught began work on A Bridge Too Far he had planned from the beginning to create a set of storyline scenarios that covered the desperate action of Colonel Frost and his men inside the British perimeter around Arnhem bridge. So, armed with diagrams aerial photos and military maps project Arnhem began!

Assembling the 90mm M1 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Gun with Colour Guide
We show you how to assemble and what colours to paint the new 90mm M1 Heavy Anti-Aircraft gun.