Flames of War prices going down

Battlefront have announced a decrease in their Euro prices for their Flames of War lines.

From their announcement:

When Battlefront took Flames Of War to the world it was decided right from the start that we wanted to have local currency pricing. This helps keep the market balanced and allows retailers to maintain a constant profit on the range they sell. The alternative of selling in one currency and then letting the store and local market cope with an ever changing price was not a long term option so we opted for price banding as the solution.

Over the course of the last few years it has become apparent that the relationship between the Euro currency and UK Sterling has found itself in a place no business could have anticipated. As a business that has always dealt with its customers in local currency we have often weathered the changes in value ourselves to allow the local markets to maintain balance. Despite our best efforts these two currencies seem to be settling at a point that makes our current pricing multiplier unbalanced between these two major markets. As such we have decided to take a firm step towards rectifying this situation and do the right thing for the Euro market by lowering our prices across the board effective immediately.

Check their website for specific pricing breakdowns.