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Flames of War previews Devil's Charge

Flames of War gives us a peek at what's going to be in their next expansion: Devil's Charge. Get in your Sherman and get going!

From the preview:

Inside You Will Find:
? The history of the desperate fighting to hold the northern flank during the Battle of the Bulge.
? History of the US 2nd, 28th, and 99th Infantry Divisions, the Norwegian 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate), the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion, and the 14th Cavalry Group.
? The option to field US Perimeter Outposts, Rifle Companies, Engineer Combat Companies, Cavalry Recon Troops, and Light Tank Companies.
? Audie Murphy, movie star and the most decorated American soldier of the war, ready to lead your riflemen to victory.
? History of SS-Kampfgruppe Peiper and the disguised tanks and commandos of Otto Skorzeny’s 150. Panzerbrigade.
? The option to field a German SS-Kampfgruppe Peiper and 150. Panzerbrigade Kampfgruppe.
? Inspirational colour photos.