Flames of War new Aus and NZ pricing

Battlefront ahve announced updated pricing for their products in Australia and New Zealand.

From their announcement:

During this year we have strived to achieve something that many would say was a fool’s errand, balancing the price of FOW around the world! Foolish or not we were determined to bring balance to a global pricing plan that when created had harmony but today simply does not treat all markets equally. With shipping around the world and internet buying an easy thing trying to help all of our markets at the same time has required some drastic action this year and we are about to complete the exercise by dropping prices in Australia and New Zealand. Yes that’s right, dropping prices.

This reduction in prices in these two markets now makes their currencies much closer to the US and UK which will help stimulate their local hobby stores and help guide the ever savvy customer back to somebody local rather than shopping online. This is the final piece of the puzzle and although the work will never truly be complete as the world economy ebbs and flows this currently means that a Tiger tank does have comparative value around the globe. These new prices come into effect tomorrow on Tuesday 5 October 2010.