Flames of War Georgia tournament

Arsenal Games and Hobbies have sent details of a state-wide Flames of War event being held in Georgia.

From their announcement:

Several game/hobby shops around the great state of Georgia are hosting a statewide Flames of War Tournament. Arsenal Games and Hobbies is hosting our segment of the tournament on August 7, 2010. Our doors will open at 10:00 A.M. for registration. At this time your army lists will be turned in to the moderator (Norman Schwartz) for approval. I will need to know what force your army is modelled after and which source book it came from (for force composition and point verification). Points; 1750, Mid-war.

The scenarios will be the three standard scenarios for a Flames of War tournaments. I will play only if there is an odd number of participants and then only to give the odd man out an opponent. We have space for eight players between our two big game tables and two more players at a make-shift table (two folding tables pushed together). Sign up early as slots are limited. Sign up even if you are number 11 or 12 as we may need alternate players if someone does not show up the day of the tournament. Come join us for a full day of Flames of War fun.