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Dogs and Devils Battle Report – Part Two
Last week we featured a Battle Report featuring Blake and Chris going head to head with some of the new lists from Dogs and Devils. This week we feature the actual army lists so you can see exactly what they were fighting with as well as some further information on the Medal of Honor special rules.

Information Update: U.S. National Tournament at Historicon 2010
We provide some updated information including the scoring breakdown for the U.S. National Tournament being held at Historicon on 9-11 July, 2010.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide
Around the world there are Flames Of War events happening all the time. To help organisers and players alike we have our rolling Events Calendar. To have your event included just contact our Events Team and they will make sure that your event is added. In addition we will create an event page with more detail to help promote your events to the local community.

Ghosts Of War Event Report
On 15-16 May, 2010 another successful Flames Of War event took place in the city of Szczecin, Poland. The event was hosted by the local wargaming club, Animosity and proudly supported by the gaming store Warlord.

Firestorm Market Garden Downloadable Resources
To help the organisers of Firestorm Market Garden campaigns we have created these downloadable PDF resources. They include a copy of the map to allow for the creation of a Battle Plan and a Resource pack which includes useful things such as Sign Up sheets and the Commanders Check list.

M5 3″ Towed Tank Destroyer Platoon (UBX22)
The 3″ Gun M5 is an anti-tank gun developed by the US from the T9 3″ anti-aircraft gun. In late 1940 the US Ordnance Corps began to adapt the T9 3″ Gun to the anti-tank role.

Para M2A1 105mm Howitzer (US573)
The American 105mm field howitzer was already developed in the 1920s as the “105mm Howitzer M1” up to pre-production stage. However, the gun did not go into production, since large numbers of the older WWI vintage 75mm field guns were still in service. It was put on the back burner until war finally broke out for the US in 1941. The gun and carriage of the 105mm howitzer were each designated M1.

M51 Quad .50cal AA (US547)
Mounted in a quad configuration, the M2 .50cal machine gun made a highly effective anti-aircraft weapon in the hands of the American soldier during World War Two.

HG 7.5cm PaK40 Gun (GE522)
Development of the PaK40 begun in 1939, with the project initially given a low priority. However, upon the commencement of Operation Barbarossa and the appearance of heavily armoured Soviet tanks such as the KV-1, the project was given a higher priority. The first guns were delivered in November 1941 and became the standard German anti-tank till the end of the war.