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Flame of War website updated

Battlefront have updated the Flames of War website with a new article and several product spotlights. Articles Infantry Aces Battle Report Part Two: Let The Battle Begin In this Cassino themed battle report, we present an Infantry Aces game with a twist. Rather than using a pair of Infantry Aces that have been created from scratch, we decided to field Hauptmann Siegfried Jamrowski leading 1. Fallschirmjägerdivision against the 442nd Regimental Combat Team that included Lieutenant Daniel Inouye. In part two, the battle begins. Product Spotlghts 105/28 Howitzer Battery (IBX08) The 105/28 howitzer was a World War One vintage gun of French design (Canon de 105 mle 1913 Schneider or L13 S); originally starting life as a design on the drafting board of the Russian Putilov Armaments factory. It proved a popular design and was exported to various countries, Italy among them. Panzer III G Platoon (GBX47) The deployment of the Panzer III G in North Africa gave the German tankers a significant edge over their enemies and whilst the 5cm gun still struggled to destroy British Matilda tanks, it was more than powerful enough to easily penetrate and destroy the more common Cruiser tanks. Rolls Royce Armoured Car (BR300) The origins of the Rolls Royce Armoured Car go back as far as 1914 when the Royal Navy Air Service (RNAS) set-up an airbase in Belgium and required a vehicle in order to rescue downed pilots. After several ad-hoc designs, an official design was produced in December 1914 making use of the chassis of the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. Tobruk Pits (IBX09) The Italian fortifications around Bardia and Tobruk were well-planned. Barbed wire, minefields and anti-tank ditches encircled the two towns. Behind the wire were two lines of mutually supporting posts. The front line posts consisted of three concrete lined nests, or Tobruk Pits, each encircled by barbed wire and a shallow ditch.