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Five new sets Desecrated Lands Bases at Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design gives you more ways to make your models look unique with their bases. Don't just leave blank bases for your models!

From the release:

I just added 5 new Desecrated Lands Sets in the Dragon Forge Store. Again they were sculpted by the very Talented Mathieu Fontaine.
They are the following
RBDL-030 25mm x 70mm Narrow Bike Bases set of 5 for $10.00
RBDL-033 40mm x 75mm Wide Bike Bases Set of 3 for $12.00
RBDL -036 Attack Bike Base Set of 1 for $7.00
RBDL-041 120mm x 95mm Oval Base 1 for $10.00 , these are perfect for flight bases ;)
RBDK-044 120mm Large Round base 1 for $15.00
Some have recessed areas to allow for liquid effects like the others in the series.
Mathieu has a few more things yet to sculpt to complete this series.. So soon there will be more good stuff!