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Six more Fundraiser sponsors

Five more companies have added products to the TGN Fundraiser.
  • Cryptic Studios are offering several retail licences for their Star Trek Online computer game.
  • Chapterhouse Studios are offering three $25 vouchers for products from their online store
  • GCT Studios are donating four £25 vouchers redeemable at their online store for Bushido products
  • Unified Theory Games have donated two copies of their Vortex: Core Rulebook
  • Raging Swan Press are offering a PDF bundle of their Pathfinder RPG titles
  • On the Lamb Games are offering two $25 vouchers good for use on their online store
At this rate we're going to have a prize for everyone who donated :-) And special thanks to Nigel Wood for being the 400th donor to the TGN Fundraiser. The Fundraiser ends on Sunday night and I am in discussions with three more companies regarding sponsorships.