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Fist Fight Club up on Crowdfunder

Fist Fight Club has put themselves up on Crowdfunder. Go and support a new gaming experience!

From the announcement:

The crowdfunding project for our first dice game - Fistfight Club - is now live!
Fistfight Club – The Dice Game (FFC) is a custom dice game for some ‘fast and furious’ fistfight action with your mates.
FFC is the first in what we hope to be a range of ‘filler’ type games that are easy to transport and great to play when you have 5 – 10 mins spare.
We are trialling crowdfunding to see if it is a possible alternative to traditional funding options such as loans as it offers lots of good points such as no debt (always a good thing!) and the chance for supporters to get unique and limited rewards! For example, support FFC and you can get copies of the game in limited colours and limited dice bags from what will be offered outside the project!

Support with a big enough investment and you could even be immortalised as a FFC top fighters of all time!!