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Fist Fight Club still needs your help

Fist Fight Club has their funding going alright over on Crowdfunder, but can still use your help to make the game a reality.

Fistfight Club funding at 47%

The crowdfunding project for Fistfight Club, the fighting dice game, is now at 47% after 40% of the project time. That’s not to bad, but we still got some way to go!

If you have not supported the project yet, or not even heard of it pop over to the project page and take a look. For a small amount, you can back the project and help us reach our goal. In return, you can claim one of a number of rewards including limited versions of the dice and dice bags!

You will also get to vote in what of the logos we use for the final product!

One of the playetester wrote a little review of the game, you can read it on his blog 'Miniature Musing of a Bear':