First Spearpoint 1943 Expansion available for pre-order

Collins Epic Wargames are accepting pre-orders for the first expansion to their Spearpoint 1943 WWII card game.

Village Map Preview

From their announcement:

Collins Epic Wargames is pleased to announce the new Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion, which is now available for preorder in our online store. The first 50 preorders will secure a signed / numbered copy. Find out more and preview some of the artwork below.

This situation-based expansion for Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 includes simple new rules for structures, movement, line of sight, artillery spotting, and more and features a beautiful 12.5″x36.5″ double-sided Village / Defensive Line map, Eighteen large 4″ square double-sided die-cut tiles, four tense new Situations, a printed rules / Situation book, and a nice telescoping box for storage.  The expansion features the map/tile artwork of German artist Marc von Martial as well as fictional intros for each new Situation by Author/Game Designer Mark H. Walker (Lock N’ Load publishing). 

Each Situation takes place on either the Village or Defensive Line map and some of the original Spearpoint 1943 Situations may also be played using the updated rules for the map.  Large Tiles represent various detailed buildings, ruins, bunkers, minefields, and more, which are set up on the map in different ways each game for great variation and add a whole new dynamic to the battlefield.  Also included by popular demand are 28 1″ square counters used for general tracking of temporary damage, aircraft turns of flight, entry zones, smoke, and more.
The expansion requires one copy of Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943.  Expansion MSRP: $55.  Pre-order price: $44 (save 20% until we reach our goal.).  Pre-order now, save, and help us send this exciting expansion to production.  You may also pre-order through your local game store, and we encourage this, but note that we cannot provide signed/numbered copies this way.

  • 1 12.5”x36.5” beautiful double-sided Village / Defensive Line map
  • 18 large 4” square die-cut double-sided Structure / Obstacle tiles
  • 28 large 1″ square die-cut double-sided tracking Counters
  • 4 new Situations with fictional intros by Mark H. Walker (LnL)
  • 8-page Rules and Situations Book
  • Telescoping box