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First Skrapyard Miniatures on sale

Precinct Omega have released the first figures in their 40mm Skrapyard Miniatures range. Faerie Emissary From their announcement:
More excitement at Precinct Omega Towers, because our first two miniatures are now finished and on sale in the shop. The miniatures range is 40mm, with individual miniatures retailing for £6.00. Meanwhile, having returned from meeting so many great people at Hammerhead 2011, we are happy to offer for free download the demo skrapgangs and the brand new scenario we ran at the event on our Downloads Page. However, time to download the full Skrapyard: Devil's Reach 0th Edition for free is running out. From 1 March, we will be replacing it with a stripped-down version of the rules without explanatory text, background, skrapgangs, heroes or scenarios. We will still be releasing material to help people play the game without needing to buy the rules, and a PDF version of the full 0th Edition will be made available to buy. Meanwhile, plans are in hand for the next miniatures releases from April, with the full-colour 1st Edition slated for August 2011.