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First New Victory at Sea Ships Available from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing now has their next set of Victory at Sea ships available to order from their website.

From the announcement:

The first of the new line of super-detailed 1/1800 scale Victory at Sea World War II ships are now available for mail order!

These ships include HMS Achilles and Exeter, as they appeared in 1939, and the Graf Spee.
We also have four Fairmile motor boats, the A, B, C, and D.

At the moment, we are just prepping the rest of the Leander, York and Deutschland class ships now (the Victory at Sea range will feature individual ships, not just classes, down to cruiser level), and rapidly following them are all the ships of the Bismarck, Admiral Hipper, Hood, King George V, and Tribal classes - all of these will be available before Christmas.

Many more vessels have already been designed in 3D and are just being prepped for prototyping. It is our intention to grow this line hugely over the next couple of years, including aircraft, sea port facilities and land forces (for coastal invasion scenarios), and have already started work on ships of the Regia Marina, Marine Nationale, US Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy.