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First Manticore/Lamassu cast photo

Raging Heroes have posted a photo of the first cast of their Manticore/Lamassu miniature. From their website:
Here it is! Below are pictures of the very first Manticore / Lamassu resin casts. Maybe it feels the same for you, but as for us, when we see the actual casts as opposed to the 3D renders, it always look a slightly bit more powerful and beautiful than the 3D renders. The process for creating this piece has been quite a challenging task for our master caster, as he explored radically new ways of creating moulds and doing the casting. Inevitably, doing such experimental stuff pushed him over schedule, but we can assure you that the results are worth it. He showed us pictures of the process (which we are no allowed to divulge), although we can tell you that it opens up brilliant new possibilities for our future projects in the coming months…