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First look at pages from The Khanate Return book

Patrol Angis is getting its third book next month (which is only a couple days away. The month... not the book quite yet). The Ion Age wants you to know a bit about what you'll be getting (as well as, y'know, building hype) for it and has posted up some preview pages from The Khanate Return.

From the announcement:

Next month the team at The Ion Age will be presenting the pre-order offers on the third book in the Patrol Angis series namely The Khanate Return. The first Army Book in the series will bring in the alien foes of the Prydian Precinct for use with the core and expansion titles. Click on through to learn about the coming offers and when as well as two full size pages from the coming book. April will be an awesome month with a new book and new miniature releases plus fantastic offers.