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First Incredible Courage at Austerlitz release coming soon

Grognard Simulations will soon be releasing the first game in their Incredible Courage at Austerlitz series. From their announcement:
Grognard Simulations is very excited and proud to announce that “Incredible Courage at Austerlitz - Telnitz” will be available for purchase within the next 2-3 weeks. This game is the first installment in the Incredible Courage at Austerlitz series and starts something very, very special. There will be 3 installments to the complete series. The other modules will be the Pratzen (central) and the Santon (north). This game will be the most significant entry into the hobby in years. The game features a combat system that is based on a set of adjustable strengths related to the formation a unit is currently in. The fire or assault values for units are not set until the moment they make their attacks.
A randomized organization movement system based on the leadership abilities of the commanders. The rules are clearly written and easy to understand. They are short and will allow for a short learning curve. Units are modeled at the company and squadron level and allow for tremendous flexibility in the way that regiments are used to accomplish their missions and are back printed to show different formations. The most exciting element that is innovative in the extreme is a set of simple command rules that replicate the dispatch/messenger system to transmit commands to the subordinate organizations. All organizations start with orders that were put together the night before as the initial plan. Once the enemy is engaged the plan will change, as it always does. The changes must be ridden down to the Corps and Divisions. Until their orders are changed each organization must strive to perform the current mission. This module, Incredible Courage at Austerlitz – Telnitz, focuses on the southern portion of the battlefield which contains the Coalition Advanced Guard of the I Column, and the I and II Columns of Russians. The Imperial French player has part of the 3rd Division of the IV Corps plus the footsore but tenacious and hard hitting lead elements of the III Corps of Marshall Davout. Both side! s will be pressed to make critical decisions and to fight hard for victory even though the French are considerably outnumbered. The game includes (4) 11 x 17 maps, approximately 900 unit counters and markers, 3 pairs of dice, and a plethora of useful game charts. All GSI games will now be boxed in extra sturdy boxes. Visit the game page, or the page.