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First Impressions of new Bolt Action minis rules on GrogHeads

GrogHeads put up a review of Bolt Action from Warlord Games. Go see what those guys thought about it, compared to maybe what we did in our review.

From the review:

The first thing that stuck me about Bolt Action is the quality of the rule book itself. It is a hardback book that is excellently bound and should stand the test of time as I learn and play the game. Although slightly smaller in dimensions than your standard rule book, the saying “size doesn’t matter” applies here. Upon opening the rule book you are greeted with 216 glossy pages of wargaming goodness. Almost every page contains some sort of picture of miniatures in action or art work that does nothing less than inspire you to go out, purchase figures, and start playing immediately. Fans of Osprey Publishing will recognize many of the full and half page works of art that adorn each chapter as those from Osprey Publishing’s many military history books. The pictures of miniatures in action show off the great line of WWII miniatures that Warlord Games offers and add great atmosphere to the rule book.