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First Episode of Peter Adkison's Chaldea: War Room Series Available Online

Gen Con co-owner and filmmaker Peter Adkison has posted the first episode of his Chaldea: War Room web series up online for your viewing pleasure. The series, done with collaborator Steve Conard, gets its inspiration from gaming scenarios that Adkison had with his group going all the way back to 1982.

The series is set in a fantasy setting (including such things as elves, dragons, demons, and so forth), but uses realistic settings and themes as well (ancient Rome, Babylon, the Teutonic Knights, etc.), plus real religious pantheons for the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse (plus potentially others). The series is a blend of film, comics, and fiction.

Note: the website warns that it can be a bit adult in nature. So be warned if you want to view at work.
I've not had a chance to watch it yet to give you any specific warning beyond that.