First Contact, a supplement for 5150, now at Saber’s Edge

First ContactSaber’s Edge are now selling PDF copies of the First Contact supplement for the 5150 sci-fi rules.

From their announcement:
First Contact is a supplement to 5150, the original set of sci-fi rules from Two Hour Wargames.
First Contact revolves around a rebellion on a small planet where the colonists have decided to break away from their home world. It documents the war between Earth and her first colony, Mars.

What starts out as a local conflict erupts into something larger as the rebels, known as the Sahadeen, receive help from an unexpected source, the ever-expanding empire of Gaea Prime.

First Contact incorporates the Earth Force and Sahadeen into 5150. Two Hour Wargames have documented the three stages of the conflict and have provided six linked scenarios into a mini-campaign.

First Contact can be played solo, cooperatively where all players are on the same side against the machine, or competitively against your friends. It can be played from either side.

First Contact can be used with any figures you may already have. Note that First Contact requires the 5150 core rules to play.