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First Company Lists for Unbridled Fury released

Tor Gaming have released new Company Lists for the Unbridled Fury rules. From their announcement:
Today we see the first of the Unbridled Fury existing Company Lists released. Titled the ‘Work Hard, Fight Hard’ bunch, the first releases are: Grimmhammers: Your classic beard-wearing hammer wielding Dwarfs, these boys love to have a punch up. Dwarf Clans of the Highlands: Another dwarf list, these boys don’t go much for the mines and caverns, preferring the mountain highlands and clear air. They still like to crack the odd Goblins head or two. Blood Berserkers: A bunch of your classic tribal fanatic types, they like nothing better than to bath in the blood of someone they don’t like, which is just about everyone outside their tribes. Not someone to take home to meet the parents!! You can find them on the Unbridled Fury Company Lists page on the main Tor Gaming site. There will be more coming from the existing lists over the coming week. Plus some newly created one too that just may allow you to make use of some of the existing models in your collections without any thought.