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First Book of Fragments miniatures available

Blackball Games have added the first two figures from their Book of Fragments range to their online store.

Dark Young and Muvian Priestess

From their announcement:
Blackball games is proud to announce the release of the first two "Book of Fragments" minis - now on sale in the Blackball Games Store.

The massive resin "Dark Young" stands over 200mm long and the all metal "Muvian Priestess" comes in at ~40mm tall. Both miniatures are unlimited, but the first run is likely to sell out quickly. Ordering directly from soon will ensure delivery ASAP.

The "Book of Fragments" miniatures line is a collection of horrors, monsters, minions, and cultists for the tabletop. Drawn from mythos and nightmare, and re-conceived by top artists and visionaries in the industry "Book of Fragments" monstrosities break new ground and shatter expectations.

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