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Fireteam Zero Reveals Open Source Gaming Plan

Emergent Games has their Kickstarter campaign for Fireteam Zero board game up and running. They've made almost 3x their goal and are showing off their Open Source Gaming Plan.


From the campaign:

In what may be a Kickstarter first, a successful project has announced that they will be giving out the source assets to their game to backers.

Fireteam Zero, which funded in a single day, is going to release the art, templates, and even the 3D models when the game ships.

"This is something we're very excited about. Each purchase of a core set will receive the ability to download all of the source assets for the game.

That means full access to the maps, card templates, game components, and even the 3D models for the miniatures!

Being gamers ourselves, we want to support the community and enable them to bring their own modifications and content to all of our games, starting with Fireteam Zero."