Firestorm Armada fleets being remastered

Spartan Games have announced that they will be remastering their original four Firestorm Armada fleets.

From their website:

Spartan Games is pleased to announce that the first four fleets for our Firestorm Armada space combat game – Dindrenzi Federation, Aquan Prime, Terran Alliance and Sorylian Collective – are being given a refit. We have made a number of manufacturing changes to the master models and redesigned the moulds with which we produce out highly detailed spaceship models.

Martin Jones, manager of the Spartan Production Studio, explains: “We took the decision to modfy the master models and rebuild the moulds to simplify [reduce] the number of component parts of our models. With a very high volume game like FA this takes time to do as quite literally hundreds of production moulds need to be made for our team of model makers to use. And at the same time not impact availability. So we’re phasing in the new hull designs, starting with the Dindrenzi Battleship and Cruiser hulls.”

With the work completed and the new Dindrenzi models in production we are now moving to release new Sorylian Battleship models during July, followed by single piece Aquan Battleship and Cruiser hulls, with the fourth fleet, the Terran Alliance, seeing a refit of all three initial hulls.

Once the core three ships for the initial four fleets have been refitted we will look to modify the moulds for the Carriers for each fleet. Jones concludes, “We’re sure our customers will like the work we’ve done on the models and the more simple way our models will now assemble. At the same time we took a look at some of the hull designs to see what new craft we could come up, but more about these models another time.”