Firestorm Armada escort and civilian ship stats

Spartan Games have posted PDF files with the current stats for the escort and civilian ships they recently released for Firestorm Armada.

From their website:

Our rules writers are constantly working on additions to the Firestorm Armada rules. Some will eventually evolve to form new ‘core’ rules and others will simply be statistics for our latest models – some may not even make the grade and be filed away in the now that didn’t work folder.

We have therefore decided to make our latest musings available on a new Web page for you to look over and play/test The idea being that as we play test our new ideas you can join in. It will also enable you to get hold of statistics faster and allow you to test them out prior to buying them.

Please remember that if the rules/stats are on this page they are not the finished item. They are still for testing and once we get them past this staging area they will become finalised and made available from our Firestorm Downloads page as finished items. If you want to feed back on the rules please feel free to do so, just drop us an email to