Firestorm: Armada Directorate Fleet now shipping

Spartan Games are reporting that their Firestorm: Armada Directorate Fleet and vessels are now shipping.

From their announcement:

Spartan Games is very pleased to announce that its latest fleet for the Firestorm Armada space combat game – The Directorate – is now shipping to our sales partners around the world.

Intelligence on this fleet reads as follows: The crews of the Directorate Navy have the most experience of fighting within the chaos of a space battle, having tested ship designs and weapon systems against the Aquans and Sorylians during the Xenos War. The Directorate are feared by their enemies because of their ruthless battle tactics. Although their vessels do not use shield technology, their durable design makes them a match for any enemy ship. The Directorate have a direct and functional approach to space combat: plasma turrets cover the main arcs with a fairly even spread of Attack Dice, allowing them to hold off an enemy at range, waiting for the perfect moment to close to short range and crush their foe.

At the same time as The Directorate Starter Fleet arrives so do the Heavy Cruiser and Escort upgrades.

The models are also available to pre-order from our own Online Store.