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Firelock Games Launches Blood And Plunder Kickstarter

Avast, mateys! Thar be a new skirmish game off the port bow!
So hoist up the John B's sail!
See how the mainsail sets!
Call for the Captain ashore!
Firelock Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Blood and Plunder, their new 17th century pirate skirmish game.

More than just a land-based minis game, Blood and Plunder lets you take your battles to the high seas, itself. Play scenarios that represent land battles, but also amphibious assaults on coastal towns, as well as ships sailing out in the open water, jockeying for position for a broadsides and boarding action. The Kickstarter campaign will get you not just the figures, but also the ships with which to play the game. The game uses an innovative, card-based system for determining who gets to activate which units in their force, as well as how many action points that unit can take when activated. It adds a bit of bluffing and strategy to the usually mundane task of seeing who goes next.

The campaign just launched today and they're already over their funding goal. So it's onward through stretch goals for the next 29 days.