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Firelock Games Announces New Releases For Blood & Plunder

One of the new games that really took the miniatures world by storm this year was Blood & Plunder from Firelock Games. The Kickstarter campaign for this new Caribbean-armies themed game broke through a bunch of stretch goals and was very popular at Gen Con. Well, they're letting us know a little bit of what they've got in store for 2017.

There you have some of the newest renders of figures they're working on, including some Native warriors and a couple more sailors. Firelock is looking to have two new factions come out for the game early next year (sometime in the 1st quarter). They're also going to be releasing the pdf version of the rulebook soon, as well as some new units for the already-existing factions. So there's a bit of new stuff coming for everyone, as you can see.

Stay tuned and we'll bring you all the details when these new releases are available.

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