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Fireforge Games releases Sergeant at Arms

Fireforge Games has released their new Sergeant at Arms minis over in their webshop.


From the release:

Sergeant at Arms were first raised by Philippe II Augustus of France in 1191, during the Third Crusade, as a bodyguard against the Assasins. There were never many of them and they fought alongside the rest of the army as part of the royal familia. Richard I had 24 with him on the Crusades. They were formed into a 20-strong Corps of Sergeants-at-Arms by King Edward I in 1278, as a mounted close escort. In 1399 King Richard II limited the corps to 30 Sergeants, and King Charles II had 16. During 13th century most European Kings likewise established bodies of sergeant at arms. They carried a mace bearing the royal arms as a symbol of office but their armament included a crossbow as well as a short lance and a shield.

This box enables you to build up to 12 mounted sergeant at arms of the 12th/13th century. Several weapon options like spears, swords, axes, maces and crossbows are included.