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Fireforge Games launches new website

Fireforge Games has launched their new website.

From their website:

Welcome to Fireforge Games,
This company arise from a passion, the passion for wargaming, that passion you probably share with us, if you are reading this note.
We have a dream, the dream of creating the most beautiful historical plastic miniatures of the world, the kind of miniatures that us, as hobbyists, would like to own, to assemble, to paint, to put with pride on gaming table and to lead to victory in our gaming campaigns. The dream of creating a complete gaming system, miniatures , books and games that will allow to enjoy infinite hours of hobby and entertainment.

Welcome to Fireforge Games, welcome to our dream …


Fireforge Games is a company focused on the creation and distribution of a complete historical wargaming system, including a whole line of high quality plastic multi-component and metal 28mm miniatures , rulebooks and games. We are all long time passionate wargamers and hobbyists, and this passion has been totally transferred in Fireforge. We are trying to create the gaming system that we would like to play, because at the end of the day, we are our worst customers. Our mission is giving you and ourselves fun and entertainment with our miniatures and games.