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FireForge Games is moving shop

Fireforge Games is packing it up and moving house. If you help, they might get you some pizza.

From the update:

Fireforge Games is moving its headquarter to a bigger fortress for a better defence of the Holy Land!

Due to our warehouse moving, we'll be partially closed from 23rd March 2013 to 8th April 2013. Any order received through our webstore or by e-mail after 20:00 pm on Friday 22/03/2013 is going to be evaded on Monday 08/04/2013.

We'll be able to answer e-mails during this period but not to the telephone. We'll comunicate our new address as soon as we'll complete the move to the new warehouse.

Thank you so much for your understanding if we'll not be able to comunicate with you quickly during this period.