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Firefly the Board Game Free Card promo giveaway happening now

Gale Force 9 is giving away a free Wash's Lucky Dinosaurs card over on their website.
Curse your sudden, but inevitable, betrayal!


From the fine print:

Wash's dinosaurs are a fixture of Serenity's bridge. Keeping him company as he navigates the 'Verse, the dinos are always lurking in the background, visible in the frame from time to time. In Firefly: The Game, we've included a cardboard dinosaur token to indicate whose turn it is. While the cardboard token is cool, we know gamers everywhere will want to spice up their game by using their own shiny dinosaur toys!

Post a picture showing off what you are using as a custom dinosaur token for Firefly: The Game and receive a "Wash's Lucky Dinosaurs" promo card absolutely free! Shiny! Be creative! Document a sudden but inevitable betrayal, or show us your crew playing Firefly: The Game with your lucky dinosaur. Just make sure you read the guidelines below, and share your lucky dinosaur with the world!