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Firedragon Games has new concrete bunker

Firedragon Games has a new terrain piece for your gaming table: The concrete bunker (note: it's not really made of concrete).

From the copy:

Firedragon Games' new 28mm Concrete Bunker is now available as a pre-order deal. Order the Concrete Bunker now for it's special price and get the "Concrete Bunker Accessories Pack" and "Sandbagged Bunker #2" included for free.
The bunker will provide hard cover for your troops in most 28mm wargames from WW2 based games to modern and sci-fi, and includes these features:

Measures approximately 170mm x 145mm x 60mm.
Internal height clearance is 48mm.
Will accommodate upto 12 miniatures on 30mm round bases.
Removable roof held on with magnets (included).
Self-standing removable rear door.
Internal detailing including roof access ladder and hatch.
External damage detailing.