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Fire Squadron Print and Play Kickstarter going on now

Fire Squadron is running a Kickstarter campaign for print-and-play versions of several of their card games. They've made their funding goal (granted, that was only $5, but still) and it's on to stretch goals for 25 days.

Fire Squadron


From the campaign:

Why are we running a print and play only campaign?

We have realized that one of the biggest challenges we face as a company is exposure. In order to get the exposure, we need funds that we currently do not have. What we have decided to do is release 3 of our card games as print and play copies so that we can raise the funds needed for marketing and exposure! We’ll use these funds to pay for reviews, get interviews and attend various conventions. Not only will this allow us the opportunity to get the name out there, hopefully we’ll get to meet a bunch of you!

We also have some exciting games in the works that require Miniatures! To get those produced for prototypes also costs money! Depending on how much we can raise, we will be putting funds toward the creation of those Big Box Board Games!

We really look forward to having Fire Squadron grow as a company, and we hope that you can help us get to our goals of mass production and exposure.