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Fire In Korea now available

Fire in Korea coverTwo Hour Wargames have announced the release of the Fire In Korea supplement for their NUTS! rules. From their website:
In Fire In Korea you are a Platoon Leader and your job is to complete all your missions while keeping your men alive. But that's a tough job as the war was constantly changing. Fire In Korea takes you through the Forgotten War. From the opening period of the NKPA offensive through the other four phases of the war ending with the last phase, the Static War. All are covered and all bring their unique challenges. Using NUTS! Second Edition as the base, this book gives you three ways to play: 1. You can play one of the six provided scenarios. These can be played solo, same side, or even head-to-head against your friends. 2.You can generate a game from scratch using the included tables and play either solo or same-side or head-to-head. 3.You can generate and play a series of connected games that span a campaign. Fire In Korea includes lists for the US Army, USMC, ROK, KATUSA, British, Australians, Canadians, Chinese and North Koreans. Vehicle statistics and rules are compatible with NUTS! 2nd Edition and we've added some new ones. Follow the link below to the Table of Contents for more information. And the nice thing is you can take these new rules and use them in your normal NUTS! games as well. In Fire In Korea you'll experience the Korean War in a way that no other rules has ever done before. In any case, all we can say is...