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Fire For Effect Studios Tools Catalog and Water Effects Sculpting Course

Fire For Effect Studios is here to make you a better sculptor with a new class available over on their website. Water Effects are one of those things that can really make a model stand out from the crowd. But it's not easy to do (as I can attest, from having tried it a few times and having the results be... less than I'd hoped for). It's one of those things that, if done right, will make everyone go, "WHOAH! That's awesome!" but if you do it wrong, will make everyone go, "WHOAH! That's (censored)!" So go check out the course and learn to do water effects the right way.

They've still got their course bundle sale going on, too. So you can add the Water Effects class to it.


From the announcement:

Fire for Effect Studios is proud to announce that we have just released our latest miniature sculpting course. Water Effects is now live, along with a preorder texture bundle that offers 5 texture courses for one low price.

Looking for a last minute Christmas present for someone who loves to sculpt and convert miniatures, choose from our Professional Sculpting Tools line. Perfect as stocking stuffers. All order received before Friday morning will ship out Friday afternoon! Check our catalog to order.

Contact to place an order for the tools.

Also, don't forget about the many bundles that we are offering on the miniature sculpting courses for the month of December or the giveaway for a drunk alien miniature.

Bundles that are now being offered:
ØF4E Texture Bundle: $60.00. Learn the core techniques for sculpting basic textures. Includes 5 Courses!
ØF4E Basic Bundle: $170.00 Learn the Basics of Miniature Sculpting. Includes 17 Courses!
ØF4E Core Bundle: $300.00 The core Techniques for sculpting, converting, and modelling. Includes 30 Courses!
ØF4E Hobbyist Bundle: $700.00 Skills for converting, basing, and modelling. Includes 72 Courses!
ØF4E Fire For Effect Bundle: $3500.00 Become a professional Sculptor with this bundle. Includes All 82 Courses!

And the 32mm Alien figure that we are offering is free for every $20 in courses purchased, shipping not included, with a maximum of 3 aliens per customer.