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Fire for Effect Studios posts video preview in their Modeling and Sculpt Kickstarter

Fire for Effect Studios posted up a little video tour of the eClassroom feature for the campaign.
They're more than 2x funded, so it's on to stretch goals and such for 16 days.


From the update:

The kickstarter launched by Fire for Effect Studios and James Van Schaik has been successfully funded and is now working towards opening up its stretch goals. The company is very excited by how well the courses have been welcomed and hope to gain enough funding to film all of the courses that are listed on their website and more.

To celebrate the success of the kickstarter, the company has released two free courses for All In and Pick Ten Level Backers. In addition, they have launched several add on courses for low prices as well as reference figures that correlate with courses they are offering. At the All In level backers will receive 32 courses right now and Pick 10 level backers will receive 12. At their next stretch goal, the number of free courses will increase by two!

With the success, Fire For Effect Studios and James Van Schaik have released a classroom tour video that shows you the platform for the courses. The value of the project is clear in the video as it illustrates that these courses are designed like college courses – with students even having elective homework.

The courses are designed for students to get the most from the courses at their own pace and convenience.

To take the classroom tour, visit their kickstarter page