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Fire for Effect Studios Boxing Week Sale on Miniature Sculpting Courses

Fire For Effect Studios wants you to start the new year off by becoming the best sculptor you can be. As such, they're having a sale on their Miniature Sculpting Courses over on their website. They've got a bunch of different options for the sale, depending on what you want to focus on (or if you need basically everything), so go check it out.


From the announcement:

Final Days! Sale Ends January 1st on Bundles and Boxing Week Sale!

Don't miss out on amazing savings on a wide range of courses.

The bundles that we are offering are:

ØF4E Texture Bundle: $60.00. Learn the core techniques for sculpting basic textures. Includes 5 Courses!

ØF4E Basic Bundle: $170.00 Learn the Basics of Miniature Sculpting. Includes 17 Courses!

ØF4E Core Bundle: $300.00 The core Techniques for sculpting, converting, and modelling. Includes 30 Courses!

ØF4E Hobbyist Bundle: $700.00 Skills for converting, basing, and modelling. Includes 72 Courses!

ØF4E Fire For Effect Bundle: $3500.00 Become a professional Sculptor with this bundle. Includes All 82 Courses!

And we are offering a boxing week sale until January 1st.

The Fundamentals of Sculpting Bundle is 50% off. Go to this link to access the savings, or type in this coupon number: COUPON2856545.

Thank you and hope you have an amazing New Years!