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Fiona Vs Cake Expansion Available For Adventure Time Card Wars

On the long drive up to Adepticon, Blackstock and I had conversations about many topics. One was parallel universes and alternate realities. Like how, right now, there's an infinite number of mes, all living different lives (or exactly the same lives) as me. Craziness. Well, in Adventure Time, Fionna and Cake are alternate-reality versions of Finn and Jake, and they're making their appearance in the Adventure Time Card Wars game.


While the decks may head back to the original Cornfields vs Blue Plains, these aren't just the same decks you know from before. The Blue Plains are also part rainbow, allowing you to build the deck a bit more to your own style. Meanwhile, the Cornfields are all about Buildings (in a cornfield? Why not?). There's enough here to make your own city!