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Fiona Adores Heroes releases new Sci-Fi building terrain line

Fiona Adores Heroes is now offering a new line of modular sci-fi building terrain pieces over on their website. Stop using books and sodapop cans for terrain.

From the release:

Fiona Adores Heroes is proud to announce the immediate launch and availability of our Modular Sci Fi Buildings, suitable for all 28mm sci fi wargames.

All the models are cut from high quality 3mm MDF and provided flat packed but are easy to put together with some PVA or wood glue and some basic modelling tools.

The buildings can easily stack on top of each other, allowing you to create unique cityscapes. Each building also comes with a removable roof allowing them to have playable interiors. The buildings can also be connected together with the use of bridges to create even more unique cityscapes.