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Finished Heroes of Armageddon Project

The Heroes of Armageddon blog has photos and details of the four finished 40K armies they are giving away as part of their drive to raise funds for Doctors without Frontiers.

Imperial Guard army

From their website:
The wait is over. The Heroes of Armageddon project started in April and now, almost 4 months later, we have accomplished what we set out to do: 4 armies modeled and painted to the highest standards. We have here the true Heroes of Armageddon: the Steel Legion and Blood Angels opposite Ghazghkull Thrakas Hordes and the Wazdakka Gutsmek's Speed Freaks.

From the start of this project, we have tried to stay close to the 3000 point goal, but as you will see, some armies are bigger, some are smaller. All in all, it has been a tremendous effort, having models come from all over the American continent, from Hawaii to Canada to Virginia.

We have done this to raise money for Doctors without Borders, an organisation that sends their people out into the most dangerous places on earth, to help the helpless and try to keep them alive and healthy. They need support and our incredible gaming community has stepped up to the plate. This sunday we will reveal the total amount raised, which will be very exciting.

BUT we are not done yet: if you haven't donated, do so now. If you already gave some, maybe give again...the prizes are worth it: you could win one of these four armies: