Finger and Toe releases Tzak-Nal: The Temple

Finger and Toe have released their Meso American temple terrain kit, Tzak-Nal: The Temple

Tzak-Nal: The Temple

From their announcement:

“I am Ix-Chel! Look on my temple, ye mighty, and despair!”

Finger and Toe Models announces Tzak-Nal: The Temple, everything you need to build a small 28mm Meso-American temple complex.

Inspired by the temple of Tulum, Tzak-Nal: The Temple, represents the main temple of a small Meso-American city, but this is a city and temple in decline. Plaster is peeling, moss grows along the walls, the bright colors of the sacred friezes have faded. The temple atop the temple platform can be built as a shell over ruins to account for battle damage or age and decay.

There are two types of altars: a huge square block carved with gods and warriors and stained with blood, or a smaller, decorated altar.

While perfect as an historical setting, Tzak-Nal: The Temple can also be used as a lost city for pulp and fantasy campaigns, or even as a hidden base for your sci-fi raiders and rogues.

The Tzak-Nal series is based upon three actual Meso-American sites: Tulum on the Yucatan coast, Tehuacalco and La Campana (both on the Mexican west coast). Every piece in Tzak-Nal uses architecture and textures from historic sites.

Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with Smoosh Assurance: if ya’ll smoosh your Tzak-Nal temple, a new set waits your summons from hard drive and printer.

Tzak-Nal is available from or for $6.00.