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Finger and Toe releases new Shantytown Shops terrain pdfs

Finger and Toe has some new Shantytown Shops terrain pdfs available to download now and add to your terrain collection.


From the release:

A lot of modern combat occurs in urban areas dominated by slums used as havens by insurgents or cover by enemy forces with no thought for collateral damage. There’s little reason to doubt that the mazes of shacks housing society’s outcasts, dregs, and poor will be the focus of combat operations for a very long time into the future. Shantyown Shops allows you to expand your slums.

Shantytown Shops expands Shantytow with three shops: a food take away, a butcher shop, and a bodega. All are based on real buildings.

Combine with Finger and Toe’s Shantytown, Slum City and Adobeville, and you’ll have a table full of hazardous terrain to scout and cross.